Vintage Candy

"Vintage is the best way to rev up your style, life and save the planet.  Viva la Vintage!"  xoCandy    

The Robe 

You and I may have met via my podcast Life's A Holladay.  If so, I'm so psyched to see you!  If not, hey there. 

Have you ever loved something so much you wanted to revolve your world around it?  I created a lifestyle around spa, as it is the secret to being your best rock star self.  

But every time I went to a spa, everyone was more interested in my bracelet, shoes (you name it) than my show!  A famous interior designer even thought I was a jewelry designer.  (Thank you Jaime Rummerfield!)


Vintage #OOTD

When I was little, my mom designed my clothes (yes, I had a jumper with candy canes on it!)   They were so striking, the neighbors used to come out just to see what I was wearing. The original #OOTD. I designed Doris Day like ensembles for my Barbies using vintage patterns!  

When "vintage" meant used, I wore my Mom's sweaters from the sixties which drew weird looks.  I don't consider myself brave, but fashion just has never scared me!  


Joyce's #OOTD

Fast forward, the unthinkable happened, my Mum, Joyce Ash, passed. 

Looking at the text message from my brother in disbelief that mum was gone, I went numb.  I remained in a zombie state for several months.  I didn't think I would ever recover.  However, discovering fashion treasure troves at estate sales (whilst researching how to hold my own sale) led to a career sourcing and selling vintage. 

My mother and I have always been known for our style, we designed Barbie clothes and she sewed and designed many of my childhood outfits.  The nurses at the hospital remarked upon her gorgeous skin and cute loungewear, fashion truly lifted her and others even in her final days.

Personally, I'd dabbled in selling antique jewelry in the 90's.  And when I'd do a spa podcast, everyone noticed my jewelry and clothes more than the show!  Celebrities recruited me to style them, be their vintage personal shopper and women crossed rooms to ask me about my jewelry.

So my mother's death helped me see my true calling and I'm so excited to honor her by sharing my passion for vintage and showing you how to wear it in a modern way.  She would have loved sourcing with me and I truly believe she is hunting with me!

Our New Old Lewk!

Did y'all know we're attracted to sparkle & glitter for primal reasons?  Scientists agree that glitter emulates the life giving look of sunlight on water - without water we'd be all dried up!   Plus, having fun generates healthy, healing endorphins!   

So let's flourish in fashion combining the decadence & beauty of vintage wares with our fave modern pieces.  I'll give you lots of retro fodder, unique outfit ideas, host Style Holladay events, and broadcast live Style Holladays.

Check out our collections for one of a kind vintage & modern fashion, beauty and exclusive xStyle Holladay collaborations with our fave designers and boutiques!  

PS:  Come chat with me on instagram and share your fave vintage "lewks"! @CandyHolladay - talk soon