About Candy

Who is this crazy girl jumping up and down in glitter hot pants?

Candy Holladay "Seeking the Sparkle!"

Part One:  The Incident

A funny thing happened on the way to the spa.  While broadcasting, the spa director was more interested in my bracelet than my show!  

Part Two:  The Fashion Hound

My entire life folks have fawned over my wardrobe.  My mom designed my clothes (and yes I had a jumper with candy canes on the pocket and the blouse!)   My outfits were so memorable that the neighbors used to come out just to see what I was wearing.  I dressed my Barbies in Doris Day styled ensembles hand sewed with vintage barbie patterns!  

Long before vintage was known as anything but used clothes, I wore my Mom's sweaters from the sixties to school which drew weird looks, but I didn't care.  Now, I don't consider myself brave, but fashion just has never scared me!  

Part Three:  The Spa Expert

But then, I went to a spa (partly so I could fit into the clothes I loved) and became obsessed with spas and healthy living.  So much, that I created an entire lifestyle around spa and shared it via the Art of the Spa and Life's A Holladay podcast.  

Part Four:  Two Worlds Collide

Fast forward, I'm in a place where I'm not visiting spas like I used to, and had an AHA moment!  I'm using fashion to feel good and what I wear brings joy to others.  Now fashionistas like us get a lot of flack for being superfluous - and most articles I read are about "elevating" your style.  

I say let's have a style "holladay" and play with our clothes to spread health and happiness. Candy Holladay combines the decadence & beauty of spa with fashion.  We'll bring you outfit ideas via the Frippelosophy Blog, have fun events like Candy's Style Holladay and broadcast style videos for your fun and enjoyment.  

Have fun and flourish!  xoCandy

PS:  Come chat with me on instagram! @CandyHolladay - talk soon