Trade Show Antidote! Spa at Four Seasons Las Vegas

Trade Show Antidote! Spa at Four Seasons Las Vegas


Trade Show Bounty! I love my job!

Trade Show Bounty! I love my job!

Ahh trade show season. . . the networking! the product launches! the lectures!  All fun, but also tiring and mind boggling!  Buhhht, guess what?  The Four Seasons and I have a spa antidote, that I put to the test right in the convention capital of the world. . . Vegas baby!  Tune in to hear:

  • What makes this retreat perfect for non-gamblers like us
  • How to jazz up your juices in the fitness studio
  • The best treatments to re-focus your bloated brain
  • Spa Director Shannon’s suggestions for spagoers on a budget . . . And a juicy tidbit on how she spas at home

Our signature segment, Keeping it “Spa” Real, shows you how to create a “portable” personal trainer to help you stay fit during trade shows & travel.

Links from show:

Four Seasons Las Vegas

White Lion Tea

Hot 5 App

Superhero Workout Game


We made it!


I just adore a penthouse view!


The glammest lampshades ever!


A wish good night from the fabulous staff at Four Seasons!


Kevin hides behind the sculpture in the lobby!


A spa nook in the room’s bathroom! An idea to totally copy at home!


No words needed!


Preparing to be de trade showed! Aren’t the faucets perfect?


A welcome cup of tea in the lounge to begin decompression.


Here we go off to the treatment room!


Freshly made oils for the Raindrop Therapy.


Gorgeous way to keep refreshing cloths at hand – what you don’t see. . . they smell heavenly like eucalyptus.


We did!


Even the packaging is pretty!


Hanging out by the pool, the gardens are a magnificent backdrop!


My mascara has run, but so has my stress – getting dressed for going back to the world!



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