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What to Wear on Towel Day - Vintagized

What to Wear on Towel Day - Vintagized

Do your vacay dreams involve the galaxy?  Take a tip from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and wave your towel!  May 25 is Towel Day - celebrating Douglas Adams' wacky travel guide.  (It's super fun pool reading!)

Don't want to carry a towel? Need hands free for shopping!  We've got the perfect attire - a vintage lounge dress or robe made from . . .  drumroll. . . towels!   Towel dresses were a huge trend in the sixties and seventies - one I think we should bring back.

click image to buy the pattern on etsy


Gals stitched cute bath robes, jackets and lounge dresses from avocado, harvest gold, pink, towels to stay cute cool and cozy (while simultaneously drying off!) all summer!  There's even a pattern for that, Simplicity Jiffy 6351 

 But you know who is such a diy klutz, I decided to surf etsy and ebay for pre made vintage models.  And score!  Here are a few faves - instagram with me, I'll post a pic of the one I choose!



From etsy GroverStreetGirl

From LunchLadyVintage on Etsy 

Dig the fringe on this groovy mid century modern bath towel jacket via ebay:

Can't find a vintage one you adore?  Look at this homage by Tory Burch:

or DIY it with this modern tutorial found on pinterest:

Isn't it time to throw in the towel?  Not only for summer vacay adventures, lounging at home or by the pool, I'd sport one of these apres spa!  Let me know if you snag one of these beauties or tag me on instagram with a pic of you wearing one!  

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