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Chapter.1: Butterflies and Christmas Lights Joyce Ash

Chapter.1:   Butterflies and Christmas Lights Joyce Ash

Welcome to the first Holladay Heroine, where we regale guys & guys whose style makes us smile! (and sometimes have Suitcase Sales to celebrate).  Do you know a style maven you'd love us to feature?  Email me 


Joyce Ash inspired Candy Holladay.  She loved dressing up and showed me how to use my wardrobe to the max.  I know you might be saying "who the heck is Joyce Ash"?  Well, I'm proud to say she was my mom or "mum" as we called her.

When I was little, she dressed me so cute neighbors looked out the window just to see what I was wearing. . . unwittingly entertaining the world with style before I could barely walk!  

Not surprising, since Mum was an entertainer from her youth, a baton twirler and tap dancer on tv variety shows with my aunt Janet.  She said the best prize they won was a year's supply of orange juice for her 12 siblings.    

I remember one Christmas she made me a jumper with a candy cane embroidered on it and a candy cane blouse to go underneath - she kinda liked theming ; )  I wish I had pics, but the jumper was white and the blouse was a mid century print that wasn't too fussy, like the one below.  Mum knew how to embellish just enough!  

She designed and sewed most of my clothes.  We had modest means, so we'd go to Jordan Marsh or Loveman's where we drooled over the cute dresses and she DREW THEM, then made them for me IRL!  

We crafted Barbie couture, one of my faves was a red and white satin karate ensemble (Kung Fu Barbie, HiYa!) and sold them at her bowling league.  And when I was a majorette, she sewed my peacock blue bodysuit with swarovski crystals very similar to the one below.  

You can bet my brother and I had the best Halloween costumes on the block!  Store bought?  No siree, she made them, I was Martha Washington one year and my brother Evel Knieval!    

When we weren't sewing, shopping or baking, Mum loved watching musicals with Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Vera Ellen etc. as much for the gorgeous gowns as for the dancing.  And sometimes we'd do facials whilst watching.  Spa & Style, sound familiar?, hmmm. 

With style icons like Doris Day, Sandra Dee, Ginger Rogers, Mum was all color, fun and glam!  She collected statement jewelry, adorable granny chic loungewear and colorful clothes, including super cute dancing outfits.  She never owned a pair of jeans.

My niece, Roxy, said Mum never looked like a grandma.  And I was always pilfering her velvet bomber jacket & 1950s cardigans.  

When Mum was in the hospital, a new outfit perked her up.  She even had stylin' diabetic shoes.  And the nurses and patients loved how she always looked so cute and matched perfectly.  (She also never missed a day of her beauty routine.)

I'm honored to share her life with y'all and some of her collection in an upcoming Suitcase Sale.  She would want the world to enjoy it as much as she did and I'm so happy I can oblige! 

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xo, Candy